What if Instagram was a Web3 game?

What if Instagram was a Web3 game?

In our last post, we explored the world of YouTube reimagined as a Web3 game. Today let's imagine the possibilities with Instagram in this Web3 landscape. You'll also get a glimpse of the exciting role our just-released V2 Kayros wallet plays in this. So, let's delve in!

Instagram: A Canvas of Interactive Creativity

Instagram is a platform bursting with inspiration, creativity, and connection, with each image and video weaving its own tale. But what if every click, every post, every story was part of a grand Web3 game? This bold leap would bring an exhilarating dimension to the way we perceive and interact on the platform, and, of course, the Kayros wallet would be a foundational piece in this transformation.

Here's how Instagram could evolve in a Web3 scenario

The user as a game avatar

In our Web3 version of Instagram, every user becomes an avatar with styles, outfits, moods, and a reputation score. The better the content they share or the interactions they have, the higher their reputation grows, reflecting their credibility and influence.

Followers as guild members

Rather than merely being passive observers, followers morph into guild members. They play an active role, supporting their chosen creators, participating in content challenges, and amplifying the guild's overall influence in the platform's ecosystem.

Posts as challenges and quests

Each post on Instagram, whether a photo, a video, or a story, could be seen as a challenge or quest. Not only would the creation and curation of content be a task in itself, but interactions with the content would also carry significance. Likes, shares, views, comments, and other engagements with the posts could be individual quests. By interacting, users wouldn't just passively scroll but would actively participate, earning rewards and enhancing the visibility of the posts they engage with. This dynamic ecosystem would intensify the connection between content creators and their audience, transforming every scroll and tap into meaningful interactions.

Stories as ephemeral events

Stories take on a new dimension, becoming ephemeral events where followers can join in real-time, solve puzzles, participate in polls, or embark on mini-adventures, all while earning rewards.

DMs as secret missions

Brands and creators can send personalized "secret missions" to followers via DMs. These could range from exclusive content access to special challenges, all aimed at deepening the connection between the creator and the follower.

Reels as playable levels

Reels transform into interactive levels where users can engage more directly. Think of a cooking reel where followers can select ingredients and dictate the course of the recipe, or a fashion reel where they can vote on the next outfit combination.

Content as digital assets

Every photo, video, or reel could be tokenized as a digital asset or NFT. Users could buy, sell, or trade their favorite content pieces, ensuring creators are rewarded for their unique contributions.

The Kayros wallet at the heart of transactions

With the increasing transactions of assets and rewards, the Kayros wallet stands out as the premier tool. It will manage, validate, and secure all exchanges, ensuring that everyone gets their due, be it in crypto or fiat.

Where We're Heading...

As we paint this picture of a Web3 Instagram, at Kayros we’re working to be a meaningful part of this evolving landscape. Excitingly, we've just released the V2 of our Kayros wallet. While you won't be able to test out the quests just yet, they're coming shortly. However, with a new quests menu and rewards menu in place, you can get a feel of what's in store and experience the new UX.

Download the V2 of Kayros Wallet

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