The Wallet Report #8

The Wallet Report #8

Top Stories

Gnosis has launched the Gnosis Card, a Visa card that allows users to spend their self-custody crypto funds anywhere Visa is accepted. Initially available in the UK and the EU, it aims to bridge the gap between self-custodial wallets and traditional payment methods. Gnosis plans to expand to other regions, including the US, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, and Singapore, and will work with MakerDAO to offer their stablecoin Dai as an option for the credit card. The goal is to enable the use of real-world money in the crypto space and vice versa. (link)

XRP : Judge has ruled that Ripple's programmatic sales and distributions of XRP to the public are not securities, while institutional sales could be considered securities. The court found that public buyers were unaware of the connection between XRP's price and Ripple's performance. Institutional buyers, on the other hand, were deemed sophisticated and had an expectation of profit. Following the ruling, XRP's price rose by 28%. (link)

SEC/BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF : The SEC has accepted BlackRock's application for a spot Bitcoin ETF, starting the official review process. BlackRock's entry into the Bitcoin ETF race is significant, and competition among companies vying for approval is seen as positive for the crypto industry. While the US has yet to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF, Canada has already approved several. (link)

Multichain, a cross-chain protocol, has announced that it is ceasing operations due to a lack of operational funds. The team cited the detention of their CEO, Zhaojun, by Chinese police and the seizure of his computers, phones, wallets, and mnemonic phrases as reasons for their inability to access funds and servers. The announcement follows suspicions of a "rug pull" raised by a report from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis. (link)

Google Play has announced a policy change that allows developers to incorporate digital assets, including NFTs, into their apps and games on the platform. Developers must ensure transparency and adhere to guidelines regarding blockchain-based elements. The move aims to enable innovative experiences and enhance user loyalty through unique NFT rewards.  (link)

Web3 Gaming

Futureverse : Metaverse startup Futureverse raises $54 million in a Series A funding round led by 10T Holdings and Ripple Labs. The company combines AI and blockchain to develop metaverse infrastructure. Futureverse emerged from the merger of 11 companies and has notable projects such as FLUF World and AI League. The funding reflects ongoing investor interest in projects that integrate digital assets with sectors like AI. (link)

Ubisoft, the gaming giant behind Assassin's Creed, joins the Cronos network as a validator. The company will operate a node on the open-source network to support blockchain gaming. Ubisoft's involvement aims to advance the technical and ecosystem roadmap of the Cronos chain, leveraging their expertise in the field. This move expands Ubisoft's presence in the NFT gaming space, following previous launches and integrations with blockchain technology. (link)

Eldarune, an AI-powered gaming factory, is gearing up for its mainnet release. The flagship RPG "Eldarune: World of Elymnias" and the card game "Heroes of Eldarune" will be launched. Players can mint a free NFT character and enjoy an immersive AI-driven gaming experience. ELDA token holders can claim a free Alec NFT by keeping 750 ELDA tokens in their wallet. Exciting events like token burns and the introduction of a new Elda Rune power are on the horizon. (link)

Cool Cats Group, known for its Web3 collectibles, has partnered with three game makers to develop new games based on its brand. The plan is to release three games in late 2023 and early 2024. The first game, developed by nWay, is a competitive multiplayer arcade game set to launch soon. The second game, an endless runner in 2D format, will be developed by iCandy Interactive and released in September 2023. The third game, a match-3 game for mobile, will be developed by Sync Studios. (link)

Binance Labs/Xterio : Binance Labs has invested $15 million in blockchain game publisher Xterio. Xterio develops free-to-play games where players can earn NFTs. The funding will support game development and technology, including potential AI integrations. (link)


Sound : Snoop Dogg-backed NFT music service, Sound, raises $20 million in funding. The platform allows artists to sell their music as NFTs, offering an alternative revenue model compared to traditional streaming platforms. Sound has seen significant growth, with over 130,200 NFT songs minted since January 2023. (link)

Le Clu3 : Crédit Agricole's Indosuez Wealth Management has launched Le Clu3, a private NFT-driven membership club for high-end clients. Members receive soulbound NFTs for exclusive website access and unique rewards from luxury partner brands. The tokens cannot be transferred, ensuring high security. Le Clu3 tokens are minted on Polygon and can be held in regular or cloud-based wallets. Additional soulbound tokens will be created for event attendees. (link)

Warner Bros launches The Flash Web3 Movie Experience As NFT. Viewers can own a multimedia NFT, collect artwork, uncover easter eggs, and participate in the film's interactive elements. The partnership with Eluvio enables secure blockchain access and ownership. NFT owners can also sell the web3 movie in a community marketplace. (link)

Spanish National Museum Thyssen partners with Olyverse to create a collection of Van Gogh NFTs. The NFTs can be purchased on Telefónica's marketplace and offer immersive experiences in the metaverse. Owners can showcase the digital artworks on LG's blockchain-powered displays. Olyverse aims to connect fans with celebrities through interactive experiences. The platform emphasizes user accessibility and offers diverse activities and educational courses. (link)

PUMA, Roc Nation, and Legitimate collaborate on a sneaker NFT collection, "Evolution of the Mixtape," celebrating hip-hop's 50th anniversary. The sneakers feature an NFC chip that allows owners to access exclusive digital content curated by Roc Nation. The partnership aims to connect fashion, music, and technology while enhancing brand loyalty. The use of NFC chips in physical items bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 experiences. (link)


Ethena : DeFi Startup Ethena has raised $6 million in seed funding led by Dragonfly to develop an Ethereum-based stablecoin and internet bond. The stablecoin, called USDe, will be collateralized and maintain a peg to the US dollar by hedging price exposure through shorting Ethereum using perpetual swaps. Ethena aims to provide accessible, permissionless dollar-denominated savings instruments beyond the US, offering a decentralized and capital-efficient alternative to traditional banking systems.  (link)

Orbs, a Layer 3 infrastructure network, announced its collaboration with Chronos, a major decentralized exchange platform on Arbitrum. With this integration, Chronos traders can now leverage Orbs' innovative dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols to perform advanced trades. (link)

Hop, a leading cross-chain bridging protocol, has announced its support for Arbitrum Nova, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution. This integration marks a significant milestone for Hop as it expands its interoperability capabilities and brings seamless token transfers to the Arbitrum ecosystem.(link)

Synthetix, a DeFi platform, has announced the launch of Infinex, a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform. Infinex aims to compete directly with centralized exchanges and enhance the user experience in DeFi. (link)

Ajna has launched its lending and borrowing DeFi protocol, the Ajna Protocol, on the Ethereum mainnet. The protocol offers a non-custodial and permissionless system without oracles and governance. It supports borrowing against various tokens and lending of fungible tokens, with additional features like perpetual loans and liquidation bonds. The protocol has undergone security audits and plans to support Layer 2 solutions in the future. (link)

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