The Wallet Report #5

The Wallet Report #5

Top Stories

Binance / Lightning Network : Binance is integrating the Lightning Network, following Kraken and Bitfinex. They have started running Lightning nodes and plan to use it for deposits and withdrawals. Binance will update users when the integration is finished. (link)

Etherscan introduced a new AI-powered tool called "Code Reader," which assists users of the block explorer in gaining deeper insights into the source code of any given smart contract. (link)

JPMorgan/ETH : JPMorgan suggests that Ethereum could be classified as a commodity or put in a new "other category" by US lawmakers, based on recent SEC documents. This would provide less burdensome regulations than securities while still protecting investors. The release of the documents could benefit Ethereum's regulatory status but may not directly impact Ripple's case. (link)

Do Kwon, CEO of Terraform Labs, has been sentenced to four months in prison in Montenegro for using forged travel documents. The court ruled that Kwon and his associate attempted to board a private jet to Dubai with fake passports. Kwon is also facing charges in South Korea and the US for his involvement in the collapse of Terra's stablecoin, UST.(link)

BlackRock / Bitcoin : BlackRock may have found way to get SEC approval for spot Bitcoin ETF. The asset management giant included a surveillance-sharing agreement in its proposal, which could eliminate the risk of market manipulation related to bitcoin. (link)


HV-MTL Forge : Yuga Labs announced HV-MTL Forge, a workshop-building game linked to HV-MTL robot NFTs. Owners of Sewer Pass NFTs from Dookey Dash can swap them for HV-MTL mech suit NFTs. The game launches on June 29. HV-MTL NFTs have generated $38 million in secondary trades. (link)

Animoca Brands : Web3 gaming will see the emergence of triple-A console-style games in 2024, bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung envisions a hybrid model for the industry, encompassing casual titles, triple-A games and more. (link)

Arbitrum, a popular Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, is venturing into Web3 gaming through a partnership with Xai Foundation. Xai Foundation will lead the development of a gaming-specific Layer-3 platform using Arbitrum Orbit technology. The platform aims to provide easy onboarding for users and near-free transactions for games, thanks to Arbitrum's transaction compression capabilities. (link)

Moxy, an esports platform, is collaborating with Stainless Games to launch Shock Rods, a 6v6 vehicle combat game. Esports games have gained immense popularity globally, while the Web3 gaming industry has become saturated with similar game genres. To bring fresh ideas and excitement, Moxy introduces a new game that combines the competitive nature of esports with the rewarding elements of Web3. (link)

Binance / The Weeknd : Binance and The Weeknd have launched the "Metaverse Dimension," an online space where users can participate in a treasure hunt and explore a 3D world featuring the artist's imagery. Players can unlock rewards, concert tickets, and exclusive merchandise through puzzles. (link)


Škoda India has partnered with Near Protocol to launch "Škodaverse India," a Web3 NFT platform. It offers low gas fees, interoperable NFTs, and unique digital assets. The debut Škoda NFT collection is coming soon.(link)

Ethscriptions, a new protocol on Ethereum, allows users to create NFTs and digital assets. Inspired by Bitcoin Ordinals, it offers a cheaper and decentralized minting process. Within 18 hours of launch, nearly 30,000 Ethscriptions were created. While its popularity remains uncertain, the debut project "Ethereum Punks" received a positive response. (link)

A CryptoPunk NFT was burned and symbolically tied to an Ordinals inscription on the Bitcoin blockchain. CryptoPunk #8611 was sold for $95,000 and then permanently removed from circulation, with the inscription pointing to the same image on Bitcoin. The burning was a community-led effort by holders of Bitcoin Bandits, and the move reflects a growing trend of teleburning, shifting valuable NFTs from Ethereum to Bitcoin. (link)

Only Up, an indie game, is trending on Twitch with over 100,000 viewers. It features artwork from the NFT project Goblintown. The game's quirky style appeals to streamers and audiences. Goblintown, known for its unconventional humor, was launched as a free NFT mint and has generated substantial trading volume. . Collaboration details are unclear. (link)

3AC : The Goose, a generative NFT artwork owned by Three Arrows Capital, sold at a Sotheby's auction for over $6.2 million. Originally purchased for $5.66 million, it was part of a collection linked to Three Arrows. The sale price exceeded expectations and highlights continued interest in high-priced digital art. (link)


EDX Markets, a crypto exchange backed by Citadel Securities, Fidelity Investments, and Charles Schwab, went live. It focuses on trade execution, offers trading in four cryptocurrencies, and operates as a non-custodial platform. (link)

Unstoppable:DeFi is bringing CEX features and simplicity to the DeFi ecosystem. It offers a user-friendly DEX with direct fiat gateways, advanced trading features, and a noncustodial wallet. The project aims to provide a full suite of decentralized alternatives and become a DAO. (link)

Sturdy Finance, a DeFi protocol, has reopened its stablecoin market after an $800,000 exploit. The platform paused its markets following the attack but stated that no funds were at risk. Sturdy Finance is working with experts and law enforcement to recover the funds. A $100,000 bounty was offered to the hacker for returning the remaining funds or assisting with an arrest. (link)

Wyre : Crypto payments startup Wyre says it is winding down and that investors with assets on the company's platform can withdraw them through July 14 (link)

Concordia, a multi-chain risk and collateral management protocol for digital assets, raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by Tribe Capital and Kraken Ventures. It aims to simplify cross-chain liquidity and collateral management and bridge the gap between DeFi and TradFi. The protocol's mainnet launch is expected soon. (link)

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