The Wallet Report #20

The Wallet Report #20

Top news

Mastercard introduced a system to tokenize CBDCs across multiple blockchains, tested with the Reserve Bank of Australia. It enables interoperable transactions, like buying Ethereum-based NFTs with CBDCs. This is part of Mastercard's 2023 Multi Token Network initiative for enhanced blockchain payments. (link)

Binance has rebranded its Binance Feed into Binance Square, a social platform offering monetization options like content creator tipping. The platform has over 10 million monthly users, emphasizing community engagement in the crypto and Web3 domains. (link)

MetaMask/Stripe : MetaMask has collaborated with payment giant Stripe to offer US users direct fiat-to-crypto purchases. This integration with Stripe, used by millions of websites globally, streamlines buying crypto using debit or credit cards and enhances MetaMask's connectivity with traditional finance, facilitating broader mainstream adoption. (link)


StrayShot, a new battle royale game, is partnering with NBA's LaMelo and Lonzo Ball to feature them as NFT characters. The game, by iBloxx Studios, may launch by February 2024. All in-game items will be NFTs using Ethereum's SKALE network. The Ball's brand, BBB, previously faced controversies but is now part of the game's branding. (link)

Game of Silks, a blockchain platform simulating thoroughbred horse racing, raised $5 million in its recent funding round. CEO Dan Nissanoff highlights the merging of digital and traditional horse racing. Partnerships include notable entities like The Jockey Club and FOX Sports. The platform offers players a unique horse ownership experience. (link)

Amazon / Immutable : Blockchain company Immutable partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance crypto gaming infrastructure. Through AWS's ISV Accelerate Program, game developers using Immutable X can access AWS Activate's resources. This collaboration aims to simplify the development of web3 games. AWS emphasizes the rapid growth of blockchain gaming. (link)

Nitro Nation World Tour : Mythical Games has released "Nitro Nation World Tour", a mobile racing game featuring car NFTs from brands like Aston Martin and McLaren. This follows their recent launch of the blockchain game "NFL Rivals". Both games support in-app blockchain transactions. Mythical, valued at $1.25 billion in 2021, boasts investors like Michael Jordan and a16z. (link)


Magic Eden / LayerZero : Magic Eden partners with LayerZero to enhance cross-chain NFT trading. Users can now create and trade 'Omnichain NFTs' across all supported platforms, backed by LayerZero's 'Gas Station' tool. This move aims to simplify NFT transactions and expand accessibility. (link)

NFTs are here to stay, just not as we once knew them. In 2021, NFTs boomed with celebrity endorsements but faced a sharp decline by mid-2022. Now, brands like ASICS and Nike are using NFTs for engagement. Their future may pivot to loyalty programs and exclusive digital experiences, reshaping Web3 adoption. (link)

The NFL Alumni Association partners with Aventus to create NFTs for retired players. These NFTs will highlight significant moments and offer fans unique rewards. The initiative aims to help both prominent and lesser-known retired players monetize their legacies. (link)

Blur / Yuga Lab : How Blur's low royalty fee helped decimate Yuga Labs' revenue. NFT sales dropped during the crypto winter, and Blur's low royalty fees intensified challenges for competitors. Yuga Labs, once valued at $4 billion, is now laying off staff after a significant drop in royalties. As traders preferred Blur's incentives, the NFT market dynamics have notably shifted. (link)


French regulator / DeFi : The ACPR, under the French Central Bank, suggests "disintermediated" over "decentralized" for DeFi, noting centralization patterns. The public prefers DeFi on audited public blockchains. Recommendations include certifying smart contracts and strengthening DeFi infrastructure.(link)

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) recognizes DeFi's potential benefits but warns of significant risks like liquidity issues and vulnerability to scams due to lack of KYC. While DeFi currently poses no "meaningful risks" to financial stability, ESMA emphasizes its potential risks, including flawed smart contracts and absence of recourse mechanisms. (link)

GammaSwap : After discovering a vulnerability, GammaSwap,  a decentralized exchange, froze all contracts and halted trades to protect users. The issue was highlighted by the ImmuneFi Bounty Program. CEO Wei Zhou emphasized the platform's commitment to security in the DeFi sector. (link)

Untangled Finance launched on Celo with a $13.5 million investment, led by Fasanara Capital. The platform aims to tokenize real-world assets like private credit, currently valued over $1 trillion. Untangled will also expand to Ethereum and Polygon networks, offering unique features for lending and ensuring asset health. (link)

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