The Wallet Report #18

The Wallet Report #18

Top Stories

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler stated that he doesn’t consider Bitcoin a security due to its non-compliance with the Howey test. His remarks came amid criticism about harming investors and were accompanied by a temporary drop in Bitcoin’s value and comments on cryptocurrency fraud. (link)

Microsoft/ Xbox : Microsoft's leaked plans to introduce a Bitcoin wallet to Xbox has generated speculation about a potential Bitcoin bull run. The integration aims to capitalize on the gaming industry's significant market and in-game transactions, fostering genuine digital asset ownership and reducing fraud. This development aligns with Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to merge AI and Web3, as seen in their recent partnership with Aptos Lab. (link)

HSBC customers in the US can now pay mortgage bills and loans using cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu and XRP, through the FCF Pay platform. The service, involving a 2% fee and a $3 charge, processes payments within 48 hours, with plans for future expansion to other regions. (link)


South Korean company NHN Corporation is collaborating with Mysten Labs to develop blockchain games on the Sui blockchain for 2024, despite a local ban on such games. South Korea, the fourth-largest gaming market, prohibits crypto-related games, and President Yoon Suk-yeol's promise to lift this ban remains unfulfilled. South Korean game developers are meanwhile launching blockchain games overseas. (link)

Big Time, a Web3 game by former Decentraland CEO and others, is launching in October. It features a player-owned economy with NFTs and native cryptocurrency, aiming to avoid pay-to-win pitfalls and focus on community engagement. The game has already garnered significant presence on Discord and Twitch and seeks to establish a meritocratic in-game economy. (link)

Synergy Land, a web3 Action RPG, is launching its free Early Access - Testnet Edition on October 16, 2023, featuring NFT Islands and pets. The updated version introduces several new features and improvements, including NFT Islands and pets, new quests, public farm, Teleports (link)

Phantom Galaxies : Blowfish Studios' mecha space opera, Phantom Galaxies, is set to launch as a free-to-play early access game on 2 November 2023 on various platforms. This multiplayer sci-fi action RPG features fast-paced mecha combat, customizable Starfighters, and the option for players to combat various enemies either solo or in online teams. The game will support multiple languages. (link)

Paradise Tycoon has launched a Community Rewards system, where players earn Tycoon Points through active participation on platforms like Discord and Twitch, and involvement in events and contests. These points unlock elite rewards such as NFTs and exclusive giveaways. The system also features player ranking and integrated Achievements on Discord, offering additional rewards for meeting game milestones. (link)

Minecraft developer Mojang has requested the removal of play-to-earn features on the independent server Satlantis, which enabled players to earn Bitcoin. The server complied but is exploring alternative platforms for innovation. The community expressed disappointment, but the server will continue operating without the features, and all in-game assets will be honored. (link)


Louis Vuitton has initiated a Discord server to connect with digital communities and NFT holders, focusing on gaming, sports, and technology. The platform will feature exclusive content and community-driven idea development. Despite Discord's mixed reception, its audience and token-gated access make it a strategic hub for branded virtual goods. Louis Vuitton’s investments indicate a sustained commitment to digital engagement. (link)

Pudgy Penguins, a popular NFT collection, is debuting a toy line in 2,000 U.S. Walmart stores. Each toy allows digital interaction in Pudgy World, bridging the gap between physical and digital realms. This initiative, with toys priced between $2.99-$11.97, aims to expand the brand's audience and presence beyond the crypto industry. The collection has seen significant success, earning $400 million in sales since its 2021 launch. (link)

NFT market : New research reveals that 95% of NFTs are deemed worthless, with a marked decrease in traded values and 79% of analyzed collections remaining unsold. This highlights a significant imbalance between supply and demand, raises concerns over speculative pricing, potential risks to investors, and environmental issues associated with minting NFTs. (link)

'Hoofster' NFT-Backed Shoe : At Milan Fashion Week, AVAVAV introduced the 'Hoofster', a boot with NFT functionality, co-created with OnlyEver and the AVAVAV community. The shoe, featuring an embedded NFC chip, links to a digital twin on the Ethereum blockchain, representing ownership and design details. Priced at €750 and available for presale, it highlights a trend towards blockchain integration and community-driven design in fashion. (link)

Quirky Soul College is launching "Hollow World Story," an interactive NFT storytelling experience. NFT holders can co-author the narrative by voting on decisions, influencing character traits and story alignment. The story will be structured into seasons and episodes, housed on the Quirky Soul College DApp. (link)


Aptos Foundation and Thala Labs are launching a $1 million Thala Foundry fund to support the development of new DeFi protocols on the Aptos L1 blockchain. The fund will offer up to $250,000 per project and aims to facilitate the creation of over five new protocols, with plans to increase the fund to $5 million as projects progress. Aptos has previously allocated over $20 million in grants for blockchain projects. (link)

Bril Finance raised $3 million in seed funding and launched its decentralized portfolio management product on the Sei Network blockchain. The startup aims to expand across multiple blockchains, offering advanced portfolio strategies to various users and aspiring to become a top destination for yield-seeking DeFi users. (link)

The Ren Foundation has been launched to promote trustless blockchain interoperability and enhance Bitcoin's role in DeFi. Building on the success of the Ren project, which facilitated $13 billion in transactions, the Foundation aims to ensure project continuity and further innovation, following challenges including a bankruptcy. (link)

Stader Labs plans to introduce rsETH, Ethereum mainnet's first liquid restaked token, enabling users to manage their positions in decentralized exchange liquidity pools. The token represents users' shares in a restaking contract. Currently in testnet with 800 users, rsETH is set to launch on the mainnet between late October and mid-November. (link)

Bitgert and Orbit Pad are collaborating to advance DeFi by integrating Bitgert's blockchain technology with Orbit Pad's launch services. The partnership aims to enhance security, foster innovation, and facilitate early access to emerging companies, addressing challenges in the DeFi sector. (link)

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