Exciting updates and roadmap from Kayros

Hello Kayros friends! As we've just launched the V1 of Kayros app on YouTube, where you can already complete quests to earn rewards, we're thrilled about the journey ahead

Meet the new Kayros app!

Hello, everyone! And happy new year! Exciting news to kick off 2024: Kayros is about to launch its app! 🚀 Check out kayros.world to get a sneak peek and stay updated. Remember back

What If LinkedIn Was a Game?

Let's keep the momentum going! After imagining the likes of X, YouTube and Instagram as interactive realms, let's pivot to LinkedIn, reimagined as an engaging game in the professional

What if X was a game?

After diving into YouTube and Instagram, let's envision X stepping into the gaming arena. Imagine a platform where your tweets and interactions contribute to a series of engaging quests, all enhanced

The Wallet Report #26

Top news Binance : A US district judge has approved the plea deals between Binance, its former CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), and the US Department of Justice. Binance admitted guilt in multiple charges, including