Kayros is now live on LinkedIn !

Hello Kayros friends! Exciting times: Kayros is making its debut on LinkedIn! 🚀 Our Quest Manager is now seamlessly integrated, setting the stage for upcoming quests that promise to turn your professional engagements into

Kayros and TikTok: earn from every interaction!

Hey Kayros friends! Exciting news : We're now integrating with TikTok! 🚀 Imagine turning your TikTok interactions —views, follows, likes, comments — into cash rewards. Yes, it's happening! Our Quest Manager now

Kayros is live on Instagram!

Hello Kayros friends! The excitement continues: after our launch on YouTube, Kayros is now ready to spice up your Instagram experience! Picture this – turning your views, likes, follows, comments, and shares into cash

Exciting updates and roadmap from Kayros

Hello Kayros friends! As we've just launched the V1 of Kayros app on YouTube, where you can already complete quests to earn rewards, we're thrilled about the journey ahead