Meet the new Kayros app!

Meet the new Kayros app!

Hello, everyone! And happy new year! Exciting news to kick off 2024: Kayros is about to launch its app! πŸš€

Check out to get a sneak peek and stay updated.

Remember back in May 2022, when we came up with the idea of creating the first wallet for Web3 gamers? After a successful fundraising round and a tactic pivot, we're thrilled to introduce the Kayros app. It includes a Quests Manager for completing interactive quests across social networks and the web as well as a Wallet to manage your cash rewards πŸ’°.

Often, it's said that if it's free, then you're the product. But at Kayros, we're challenging that notion. Our 2024 vision is to reward every one of your actions online. 🎯 We're aiming to create a more equitable redistribution of value, where your time and engagement are truly appreciated and valued. Welcome to a new era where every click and every interaction is meaningfully rewarded. ✨

Our Wallet? It’s not just a place for storing rewards; it's a tool to enhance the value of every second you spend online, engaging with creative content.

And the Quests Manager is where brands create engaging, interactive campaign experiences. We know you don't want to be a passive consumer but aspire to interact, participate, and be heard.

Join us on this adventure. Together, we're reshaping engagement with greater innovation, interaction, and authenticity. Stay tuned for the Kayros app launch next week! πŸš€

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