Kayros and TikTok: earn from every interaction!

Kayros and TikTok: earn from every interaction!

Hey Kayros friends!

Exciting news : We're now integrating with TikTok! 🚀 Imagine turning your TikTok interactions —views, follows, likes, comments — into cash rewards.

Yes, it's happening! Our Quest Manager now integrates with TikTok, paving the way for upcoming quests that promise to unlock new earning opportunities!

For those just discovering Kayros, welcome aboard! Dive into a world where your online activities on YouTube and Instagram can already start boosting your wallet. And for our Kayros veterans, keep on questing —the more quests you complete, the more you earn. And stay tuned for even more opportunities to grow your earnings!

And don't forget, bring your friends into the mix for a 10% bonus on their rewards!

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