Introducing Kayros AI

Introducing Kayros AI

🖐️ Hello everyone

We've been a bit quiet lately, but we've got some exciting news! We've been busy working on Kayros AI, a new no-code platform dedicated to AI assistants, that's almost ready to see the light of day. As we integrated AI assistants within our rewards platform, the potential became clear, prompting us to focus fully on this unique opportunity.

Since the release of ChatGPT, the pace of generative AI development has been staggering. Models like OpenAI's GPT-4, and the anticipated GPT-5, along with Gemini Pro 1.5, Anthropic's Claude and lately Meta Llama 3, continue to capture headlines, pushing the boundaries further every time. Yet, for many, especially small and medium-sized businesses, effectively integrating these AI advancements remains a challenge. This is where Kayros AI steps in — we want to make AI technology effortlessly accessible to everyone.

🚀What is Kayros AI ?

Kayros AI is a no-code platform where you can easily discover, create, test, deploy and monetise AI assistants using the LLM of your choice from the leading models on the market. With just a few clicks, you can set up an assistant for personal use, team collaboration, or customer-facing applications. These AI assistants can remain private for internal use or be made public and embedded directly on your website.

Here’s why we’re excited about Kayros AI :

  • A personal AI assistant that aggregates the best LLMs : Kayros AI provides a single interface where you can effortlessly switch between top language models - such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, and Llama ... This not only enables you to evaluate and compare their responses directly but also simplifies access under a single subscription

  • A no-code AI assistant builder : Kayros AI will let you create custom multi-modal AI assistants, trained on your own data and based on GPT like technology. Easily tailor AI assistants that can range from enhancing customer interactions on your websites to boosting internal creativity and automating complex tasks. These assistants can easily be integrated on your website or apps or can be made private for individual use or shared with your team for collaboration.

  • A community based marketplace for AI assistants : Kayros AI will feature a marketplace where creators can share their expertise and monetize their AI assistants, while users can discover custom solutions tailored to any business need—from sales and marketing to customer support. Coupled with our unique pay-per-message revenue sharing model, the aim is to foster community collaboration and innovation.

A user friendly UX

If Notion and ChatGPT had a baby in terms of UX, that’s sort of what we've built with Kayros. Our interface offers an intuitive environment where teams can organize AI assistants by workspace, categorizing conversations by project or work type for better team collaboration. Each new page you add comes with a built-in customizable AI assistant

An innovative business model

To ensure that everyone can experience the power of Kayros, we offer free AI credits to get started. After that, our flexible pay-as-you-go model ensures you only pay for what you use, making it accessible for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

We're currently in the beta phase. Let’s connect, we’d love to know what you think.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your continued support as we embark on this exciting new chapter. ✨