GameFi News #3 by Kayros Games

GameFi News #3 by Kayros Games
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Web3 gaming made BIG moves this week. Don’t let any opportunity slip from you!

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Walmart enters the metaverse with Roblox experiences (link)

Walmart is entering the metaverse with two experiences, Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, in the gaming platform Roblox.

Sega announces their first NFT game (link)

Sega, one of the most influential Japan-based gaming companies, has announced that it will build its first blockchain-based game. The project, which will be built by another gaming company, Double Jump Tokyo, will be based on the Sangokushi Taisen franchise, a popular arcade game in Japan.

The Creator of PubG announced a new blockchain-based game called Artemis that will have NFTs and a metaverse (link)

In an interview with Hit Points, the creator of PUBG, Brendan Greene, revealed that he is working on a new game that will be based on the blockchain. The game will use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse, which should make for an interesting gaming experience.

Creators from popular titles like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty launched a new web3 gaming studio, Random Games (link)

Random Games was co-founded by expert veterans of the gaming industry: Tony Harman, the creator of GTA, Donkey Kong, and Crackdown, along with Wyeth Ridgway, who created popular games like MLB, WWE2K, and Pirates of the Caribbean. The rest of the development team includes Paul Walborsky, David Jones, and Brent Friedman—who worked on major titles, such as Call of Duty and Star Wars.

Epic Games rolled out the first 2 NFT games, Star Atlas and Blankos, on the Epic Games Store (which has 190m+ users) (link)

It’s been a busy month for Epic Games when it comes to blockchain engagement. The Epic Games Store launched its first supported blockchain-based title, Blankos Block Party, earlier this month – and now it’s adding a second title to its slate of offerings.

Illuvium Co-Founder Shares Plans for Interconnected Blockchain Games. (link)

Web3 gaming company Illuvium has unveiled an ambitious plan to create an interoperable blockchain gaming ecosystem allowing games to share NFTs.

The First EsportsFi Champion Was Born (link)

Tens of thousands of players from 30 countries joined the first season of Era7's official tournament WCT. Of these, 1296 players qualified for the Play-In stage and 128 players advanced to the knockout & final stage. The total prize pool for the tournament was $130,000.

Savvy’s $38B plan to make Saudi Arabia a global Gaming hub (link)

Savvy Games Group (SGG) unveiled plans to invest SAR 142 billion — ~$38 billion — through 2030 to propel Saudi Arabia to the forefront of the global gaming and esports ecosystem.

PlayStation Stars launches in Asia, with more territories to come in October 2022 (link)

PlayStation Stars is Sony’s latest free-to-join loyalty program in which players can earn loyalty points and digital collectibles. Royalty points can then be redeemed on a selection of PlayStation Store products. The program is due to launch in North and South America on October 5th, and in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on October 13th

Google’s Stadia is shutting down (link)

Google will refund all purchases made through its stores and allow players to access their libraries into early 2023.


Robinhood Web3 wallet enters beta, taps Polygon as first blockchain (link)

Crypto and stock trading platform Robinhood announced the launch of Robinhood Wallet, a self-custody, Web3 wallet, with Polygon (MATIC) as its first supported blockchain.

Facebook and Instagram will allow users to connect their crypto wallets (link)

The Mark Zuckerberg-led company has been making big investments in the crypto and metaverse sector. As the announcement shows, Meta announced their NFT capabilities for Facebook and Instagram back in May 2022.


Top 5 Gaming Tokens to Invest In (link)

Cryptocurrencies are now more than objects of speculation and financial assets. Virtual games in which you can win tokens are now based on the blockchain. But what are the significant cryptocurrencies on which well-known games are based? What are the top 5 gaming tokens?


NFT sales expected to grow 6% – DappRadar (link)

NFT sales are expected to increase 6% to reach $21.1 million by the end of the third quarter despite the overall trading volume being down 75%, according to DappRadar‘s latest report.


Netflix establishes an internal games studio in Helsinki, led by former Zynga GM (link)

Netflix’s push into the mobile gaming market continues with the announcement the streamer is establishing an internal games studio based in Helsinki, Finland, led by the co-founder and general manager of the Zygna Helsinki game development studio, Marko Lastikka.


Michael Anderson, the co-founder of Framework Ventures, believes crypto gaming can be “one of the largest forms of employment in the world”. Michael thinks gaming will definitely be the category to bring the next 100m users to Web3. And he's putting his money where his mouth is, by betting half of his new $400m crypto fund on blockchain-based games.

Jack Lu, CEO of Magic Eden, recently appeared on Decrypt’s GM podcast to talk about how things like NFTs are the next big tidal wave in gaming. He thinks that NFTs can unlock a new opportunity for gaming studios to build in-game economics with a new business model. Similar to how free-to-play games (like Fortnite) caused a paradigm shift.

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