GameFi News #2 by Kayros Games

GameFi News #2 by Kayros Games
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How Apple’s App Store Policies Squeeze NFT Startups (learn more)

Non-fungible tokens, like much of the crypto world, are in regulators’ and lawmakers’ crosshairs. But NFT startups have been just as preoccupied with another rulemaker: Apple.

The History Of NFTs (learn more)

While it may seem like an overnight sensation, the technology behind digital cryptographic assets we now call NFTs can be traced back to 2012

Zilliqa announces Web3 console (learn more)

Zilliqa is announcing the launch of its Web3-based console. Featuring first-party games from Zilliqa, a Web3 wallet, and mining utilities, the console is designed for the crypto-minded. The overall goal of the device is to enable players to play games while mining Zil tokens


Immortal Game raises $12M to build Web3 chess platform (learn more)

Immortal Game has raised $12M to continue development on its Blockchain-based chess platform. The Company was founded in 2021 and is developing a specialized chess Gaming portal that offers the classic game in addition to extra quests, a reward system, and NFTs. TCG Crypto led the round, with additional participation from Cassius, Greenfield One, Sparkle Ventures, 35V, Blockwall, Kraken Ventures, and Spice Capital.

Fortnite creator Epic Games backs tech startup Hadean’s $30 million Series A (learn more)

Metaverse infrastructure developer Hadean raised $30 million in Series A funding. Hadean will build the infrastructure to help give metaverse capabilities to Epic’s Unreal Engine, undergirding the hit game Fortnite.

Shiba Inu Game Launches On Australia’s Play Store (learn more)

Shiba Eternity, the much-awaited game by Shiba Inu, is now available on the PlayStore in Australia as of Monday’s announcement.

Sweat economy launch breaks crypto records (learn more)

Sweat Economy has successfully launched on the NEAR blockchain with the largest ever airdrop to active, opted-in, wallets.

In an unprecedented event last week, the Move-to-Earn platform distributed over 4.7 billion of its new Web3 SWEAT token to 13.5M token holders.

Funko Teams Up With Warner Brothers for DC Comics' NFT Release (learn more)

DC fans who purchase the collectible can connect their crypto wallet and claim the NFT online, which is minted on the WAX blockchain.

Fountain Podcasts, a listen-to-earn podcasting app, now allows its listeners to receive Bitcoin for the first hour of listening each day. (learn more)

Users can also earn Bitcoin via listening to promoted content and referring friends and family.

Pre-Registration Campaign With Rewards Opens For Upcoming Blockchain-Based Dekaron G (learn more)

This global version of the game will be released first on mobile and later on PC, so pre-registration has first opened for both Google Play and iOS. The pre-registration campaign will be open through October 16th, so expect the launch around then. There will, of course, be rewards for those who sign up, and these include several types of potions, defense scrolls, an accessory, and Dil, the in-game currency.


How I decided to go all-in on blockchain gaming (learn more)

Michael Blank left a 20-year career at Electronic Arts for Polygon Studios and the promise of blockchain gaming. Here’s why.


Father of the Metaverse Neal Stephenson Launching Metaverse Blockchain (learn more)

Neal Stephenson‘s Lamina1 blockchain technology startup dropped a white paper today on building the open metaverse. It’s quite the manifesto.

Backed by Epic Games, distributed computing startup Hadean nabs $30M to power the metaverse (learn more)

Hadean, a U.K.-based distributed, spatial computing startup that’s setting out to build the infrastructure for the burgeoning metaverse, has closed a $30 million Series A round of funding from a high-profile cast of investors, including Epic Games and Tencent.

Market data & reports

Pew Research; The Metaverse in 2040 (learn more)

Hype? Hope? Hell? Maybe all three. Experts are split about the likely evolution of a truly immersive ‘metaverse.’ They expect that augmented- and mixed-reality enhancements will become more useful in people’s daily lives. Many worries that current online problems may be magnified if Web3 development is led by those who built today’s dominant web platforms.

The Games industry will be worth $470B by 2030, according to GlobalData (learn more)

A report by data analytics company GlobalData predicts that the Gaming industry will be worth $470B by 2030.

Mobile games are expected to contribute over half of the projected market size at over $250B in revenue. Global Data's report identifies Cloud Gaming as the fastest-growing section of the industry, projecting growth from $2B to over $30B in the next eight years.


Play-to-earn gaming platform Vulcan has raised $8 million in a Series A funding round led by Skybridge Capital (learn more)

The new capital will be used for accelerating the growth of “Metascapes”, which is an immersive metaverse game that allows users to build on digital land and store data through NFTs. As part of the deal, the investors have an option to commit an additional $33 million (Press Release).

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