Severine Faurax

Severine Faurax

Kayros Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships

The Wallet Report #18

Top Stories SEC Chairman Gary Gensler stated that he doesn’t consider Bitcoin a security due to its non-compliance with the Howey test. His remarks came amid criticism about harming investors and were

The Wallet Report #17

Top Stories Microsoft is reportedly planning to incorporate enhanced crypto wallet support in its upcoming hardware products, according to documents released amid a lawsuit. The company has been active in the crypto space,

The Wallet Report #16

Top Stories Telegram is launching a crypto wallet called TON Space for its 800 million users, reviving its crypto plans after a legal battle with the SEC in 2020. The wallet will roll

The Wallet Report #15

Top Stories Google is updating its cryptocurrency policy to allow advertisers to promote blockchain-based games with NFTs, as long as these games don't involve gambling-related content. Advertisers must meet certain requirements and gain

The Wallet Report #14

Top stories Binance / BUSD : Binance will stop supporting its stablecoin BUSD in 2024, as announced on the Binance app. Paxos will complete the acquisition of BUSD by February 2024. BUSD faced regulatory challenges,